We deliver flexible, scalable solutions for electronic and electrical components that require thermal management.

Our innovative approach to this aspect comes from our first-hand experience as design engineers. As the demand for greater power in small applications grows, so does the necessity for enhanced thermal conductivity.

We meet the changing needs of your business with intelligent, bespoke solutions engineered to your exact requirements.




Yes, Thermal Engineering can be Beautiful

April 22, 2016

They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” When you behold Bergquist HC3.0, there can surely be no doubt about that statement: it truly is a beautifully crafted piece of thermal engineering. This exceptional material offers exceptional thermal performance at low pressures due to its unique 3.0W/m-K filler package and low-modulus resin formulation. With just 15 shore (00) hardness, the enhanced material is ideal for assembly applications requiring low stress on components and boards. HC3.0 maintains a conformable nature that allows for quick recovery and excellent wet-out characteristics, even on surfaces with highly irregular topography. A wide range of thicknesses is available from 0.5mm up to 3.0mm, and performance is improved by the natural inherent tack on both...

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